Mokena Makeka is a multi-award-winning architect and design strategist, with a focus on urbanization, architecture, brand, and interior artifacts.


As the founder of DESIGNWORKS -  a revolutionary architecture practice in the built environment,  Mokena Makeka has now created a new global strategic design consultancy anchored on almost two decades of award-winning design but focused on rapidly creating a better world for all.

Our headquarters are in Cape Town, South Africa. Our reach is Global.   


Our atelier-based approach is based on intuition, data, research, independent thought and bold creativity.


Our work is the bridge between the impossible and the possible.


Heritage. Culture. Science. Capital. Innovation. Art. Inspire and inform us.


Ethics. Care. Diligence. Curiosity. Guide and make us accountable.


Excellence. Joy. Justice.  Connects us all.


We don’t have clients. We have allies.



To solve the problems of tomorrow, today.



To become a global leading authority in the imagination and custodianship of the built and natural environment by 2025.



We deploy the power of design to create a better world.